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HOAX is a labour of love. We pay all of our weekly online contributors, and each print issue costs money to produce and post to stockists. We don’t take submissions fees, and print issues are always free of charge.

Run on a shoestring and with no formal funding, our entire income comes through small donations from people like you. As such, HOAX’s existence relies solely on the support of those who share our principles, are excited by creative text, and want to see independent, artist-led projects like ours grow and flourish.

We need at least £270 in donations a month to keep HOAX going. Every single donation goes to paying our contributors, producing HOAX’s print issues, and posting copies to stockists. All other costs are covered out of pocket by the team, who work for free.

If you enjoy HOAX and want us to thrive, please consider supporting us. Any size donation will be very much appreciated and put to extremely good use—like paying artists and writers. Become a regular patron with a small monthly gift and in exchange we’ll send you things like new print issues of HOAX, postcards and stickers, and we’ll gratefully list your name as a supporter below if you wish. You can also make a one-off donation with PayPal!

Larger donations in the hundreds to thousands will be used judiciously and strategically to scale and expand HOAX, directly support many more artists and writers, and increase the fees we can pay them. Donations of this size will help us build resilience and longevity, expand our global network of stockists, put on more events and exhibitions, and bring new work to thousands more people around the world.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss making a larger gift to support HOAX’s growth, resilience and longevity.

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Without our fantastic donors, HOAX would not exist. We are forever grateful for their generous support:

Thank you!