HOAX issue 7


Our seventh print edition is available now! The issue is centred around HOAX’s core purpose, providing a print platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing in order to examine the evolving use of text in the arts.

The issue is formed of seven works by Alice May Williams, Alif Ibrahim, Bedwyr Williams, Jacqueline W. Nuzzo, Jade de Montserrat, Kasra Jalilipour and Yishu Wang.

These works span a range of artforms and styles, bringing together radical thought, humour, community, beauty, fun and intrigue. They explore the position of queer Iranians in the country’s ongoing revolution. They wonder about the power of the written word in dealing with traumas and troubles. They discuss the multifarious materialities of printed text. They share the sweet nostalgia brought out by the simplest of writings, a found shopping list for a party decades gone by. They wonder how short a story can be.

Deliberately ephemeral in nature and designed for mass production, HOAX’s print editions centre obtainability and accessibility over preciousness, presenting an exhibition in the form of a zine. Each single-sheet issue folds into eight pages, to be read, unfolded, rotated and re-folded, ensuring a physicality and playfulness that’s normally lost with mass production.

You can pick up your free copy from your nearest stockist or order one to be posted to you, print your own copy at home, or view all of the individual works online by clicking their titles below.


Bedwyr Williams – Older Artist
Alif Ibrahim – I Stopped Reading For a Year
Jacqueline W. Nuzzo – Textual Space in a Biomorphic Field
Kasra Jalilipour – I Want a Trans Iranian President
Jade de Montserrat – (i) pass on
Yishu Wang – unread message
Alice May Williams10 Players, 20 Weights

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