Jade de Montserrat

(i) pass on (2023)

About this work

Published in HOAX issue 7
This self-portrait accompanies de Montserrat’s film of the same name: (i) pass on, commissioned by Touchstones for the exhibition A Tall Order!. De Montserrat worked with photography and film to reflect on themes of creativity, fugitivity, diaspora, and North Yorkshire landscapes of their family home. Photographs of this remote location, taken as a young adult, contrasted with new footage of the same space. The film and photographs consider ways landscapes are inherited and the role of memory in perception of land. Responding to the work of artist and writer Maud Sulter, directly quoting passages from A Portrait of the Artist as Poor, Black and a Woman and Sphinx, de Montserrat also worked with archival photographs to reflect on notions of ‘here’ and ‘there’, and to consider the ways that images of former colonies have informed perceptions of ‘English’ landscapes.

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