Alif Ibrahim

How to Interview A Person You’ve Never Met! (2020)

About this work

How to Interview A Person You’ve Never Met! is a short film on the experience of portraiture, both as the painter and the sitter, or as a journalist and a source. Created during the 2020 quarantine, the film features submitted clips from friends, artists and musicians as the narrator weaves through thoughts on portraiture and machine perception by Amy Sherald, Fakhri Bohang and Clinton Cargill. Lying somewhere between an essay film and a digital media exploration, the film subtly draws from Ariella Azoulay’s notion of photography to suggest that no one involved in the process has any control on how the subject is perceived.
Additional footage by: Araya Sita, Jyni Ong, Faiyad Ahmad, Perla Montas, AV Putri, Dira Djaya, Fakhri Bohang, Simon Rodrigues, Teta Alim, Fadiah Wadud, Ailin Lu, Yeule, Yuri Iwahara, Xandega Tahajuansya, Anna Shevkoplyas, Tian Mei Lee, Oliver Chen, Chris Sim, Lisa Francois, Joél Elías, Suryani Dewa Ayu, Ria Vaidya, Fredson Sossavi, Aiman Hadi, Molly Erin McCharty, Alia Bhanji, and This Person Does Not Exist by Phil Wang
Music: Desire #9 by Kin Leonn, © Kitchen Label
Special thanks to: Innas Tsuroiya, Lynn Tachihara, Fakhri Bohang

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