Andreas Jansson

A Greenish-Blue Light (2014)

a piece of red-hot tobacco pipe
a bend
a large portion of small type
a steamboat fixed at each end

a part
a body of information
a sufficient knowledge of his art
a remarkable instance of the application

a greater degree of invention
a uniform average can be struck
a proper attention
a gun has accidentally been stuck

a long continued wear
a most important subject
a stream of air
a thousand of them a perfect

a portion equal in length
a patent in spain
a hand-weaver must possess bodily strength
a spring with a train

a host
a day
a straight line between two post
a pin into a tray

a prince
a little into the disturbing forces
a few years since
a few of their sources

a reduced price to a class
a few suggestions for the assistance
a flame of gas
a moderate degree of resistance

a windmill obliquely to the gale
a small impression
a large scale
a succession

a slide
a perfect mould
a thick hide
a credible neighbour of mine told

a very short space
a lace frame
a considerable number of lace
a moderate velocity through a flame

a degree of excellence and rapidity
a height
a state between solidity and fluidity
a greenish-blue light

a larger extent of sale
a revolution in the arts
a small portion of the veil
a small separation of their parts

a man
a very small quantity of coal
a plan
a circular hole

a blow against a block
a fine
a larger stock
a straight line

a very tolerable die
a system of exchange or barter
a wooden floor 3/5 by
a charter

a variety
a copperplate by means of steel
a very early stage of society
a wheel

a loom may enable the observer
a screw
a destroyer instead of a preserver
a condensed and general view

a short time in a state
a very small amount
a fast coach at the rate
a work on his own account

a reduction
a falling off of the duty
a better construction
a certain degree of permanent beauty

a piece of catgut passing round
a rack
a stock of coal above ground
a notice on the back

a similar difficulty takes place
a statement in the report
a trace
a cordial support

a small aperture in the wall
a subsequent edition
a gun is loaded with ball
a position

a large sheet of this composition
a pattern last of a shoe
a proposition
a partial stoppage in the flue

a mass of matter
a stop
a direct multiple of this latter
a little above its top

a detailed examination
a more interesting and instructive pursuit
a high degree of civilization
a dispute

a string
a similar inclination
a jack or a spring
a double portion of our admiration

a popular explanation
a large flywheel when its force
a deviation
a new course

a few years to run
a less general substitution
a gun
a facility of execution

a very moderate degree of condensation
a copy of the name
a tolerable education
a fair claim

a previously unfounded elevation
a workman resident on the spot
a very limited and simple operation
a charge of shot

a long rope
a heavy weight
a hope
a small hole in a plate

a map of street
a large and active population
a red heat
a curious system of compensation

a large collection
a few hours after one side
a different direction
a yard and a half wide

a manufacturer of glass
a small flat tray of sheet
a small piece of squared brass
a piece of meat

a rapidity of internal communication
a real and substantial good will
a secondary consideration
a cast-iron mill

a moderate exertion of skill
a be
a doll till
a rivet passing through all three

a single pin
a different mode
a quantity of tin
a well-constructed road

a state of greater perfection
a greatly diminished price
a complete reply to this objection
a cargo of ice

a little sand
a diamond set
a foreign land
a jet

a remplir necessitoient l’emploi d’un grand
a complete enumeration
a pentagraph with the hand
a fair approximation

a new tree
a grave with sugar and tea
a certain part of its v
a course would have assisted me

a powerful combination
a different kind
a proper regulation
a mind

a great additional gain
a waste
a vessel that receives the rain
a paste

a small book
a short distance below it
a contrivance to enable the cook
a small bit

a condition
a still finer chain
a much greater addition
a vane

a different size
a state of agitation
a great speculative rise
a short calculation

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