Anna Jane Houghton

Post-Syncing / Post-Sinking (2023)

About this work

Post-Syncing / Post-Sinking serves as a linguistic key of visual motifs and the objects used to create corresponding sounds, produced to accompany Y Bala, an exhibition by Anna Jane Houghton and Abbie Bradshaw—part of Liverpool’s Independents Biennial 2023. Y Bala utilised performance and sound to activate ambient and tacit histories of space, combining themes of Welsh folklore (such as the legend of the sunken town beneath Lake Bala), narrative vessels that carry and contain, and cinematic tropes of women in the folk-horror genre. The post-syncing of the filmic elements of Y Bala illustrates how synthetic soundtrack can augment the ways in which we read and experience the scope of space. The key acts as a semantic exercise and a record of this process; the visual motifs paired with their physical sonic counterparts.

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