Candice Jacobs

Ideal, Vague or Hazy (2019)

About this work

Ideal, Vague or Hazy transports you to the centre of a stone circle, surrounded by language connected to the rising of Saturn (self-control) and Jupiter (the power to expand) and into a digital repositioning of ancient space; an astronomical observatory used for trade, ceremony and ritual. A space where we encounter illusion, delusion, dependence and ruin… sweeping us into new whirlpools of healing, repeating and looping around in a vortex of cognition. A reality just out of reach.
Best viewed on a mobile device using the YouTube app and its VR function. Please ensure you are standing with space to move 360º. Look up, down, left and right to follow the text moving around you in your new landscape. If using a desktop/laptop, click and drag around the space in the video.
Let’s enter into a moment of transformation and escapism together… from your domestic into my other-worldly encounter.


This video was first displayed inside Google Cardboard headsets situated inside large UV steel pyramids filled with dry ice and white quartz sand, created for Artnight 2019 curated by Nikki Agency (aka Leila Arenou, Canan Batur and Estelle Marois).

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