Cos Ahmet

dust of traces faint, into fading blurring (2022)

forever vanished,
already has it.
pronounced fully, is word a before moment
the is it perhaps?
air dead. noise white.
you of absence, the in left is what now?
landscapes erasing!
snow-like function.
nights. the sounds eroding.
night! the overlapping.
order spatial of irritations transmitting.
reality double as a appear, we that enough us tortures reality.
drives hard. irreplaceable. our fill, and machines precious.
our keep we limbs phantom with.
dust of traces faint, into fading blurring
space around light moulds, that potency of your memory
remembered mere. a. is. attempt my.
you at gaze to attempting.
exist don’t! that colours in you see I.
touch of organs, like function eyes
our memories, retinal.
you of absence, the in left is what?
rooms, these in happens what know I.
illusive. unseeing. seen!
shadows and fractals, thin its in rumbling,
copy unfaithful. glitch! glitched!!
arriving. fizzing.
hands. his.
in. glass. is.

About this work

dust of traces faint, into fading blurring is one in a series of video works created by Ahmet with Gary Finnegan, where the artists took a card picked at random from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies pack of cards as a creative starting point for each work. The words spoken in this piece were influenced by the somatic poetry of CAConrad. Ahmet additionally presents these words as a text image; a forest of letters, mimicking the sentinel-like group of trees outside of the artist’s studio window that are shown in the video.

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