Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou

Terra Fuga (2020)

About this work

In Terra Fuga, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou uses transparency as an aesthetic element along with the inability of transparent organisms to hide what they contain from any gaze. During Dimitrakopoulou’s stay in Greece in the first lockdown, she worked in a factory that produces plastic containers for the food industry. COVID-19 gave rise to pre-packaged food demand as consumers could “see” the insides of the products, making it more appealing to them; providing an assurance and sense of safety of the goods inside. A gaze through the abdominal cavities of ghost shrimps is linked in the video with peeping through glass windows of a house, a car. Transparency as aesthetics, as hygiene standards, as an unsafe state. Transparency as having everything laid out and open.


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