Aje’s Laugh (2021)

I hated that breath.

That breath of fire and brimstone.

That breath that ultimately reminded me of how foolhardy I was

To believe that the safety of life

relied purely on the protection of others…

Relied purely on application of one’s morals.

I was a fool

And that fiery breath came alive

And cackled in my ears.

Laughing at the destruction brought about

By own guilt-ridden spirit.

For only a fool feels guilty for not trusting…

Only a fool feels guilty at the need to harness protection.

But I laugh with her now

Or at her sometimes too.

Because at least I was brave enough to be a fool

At least I was brave enough to live through the laughter

And laugh too. Laugh stronger, harder and more erratic

than her fiery breath.

Because what is maddening laugh of the witch

compared to the maddening determination of this bitch.

About this work

From Gold Akanbi’s new book, Poem7

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