The church (2020)

The head of the nun was as big as the room, it was filling up the whole cathedral. Her face was blue, somehow this light blue you would see from the Maria Statues. You were sitting somewhere on the left, and her head would enter slowly and gracefully as if the bride was entering for her wedding. Maybe it was the ghost but only the head. Who cares about her body – no one cares how her breasts are, how her belly is curved, how her, how her, how her…

You look at the front. See the people singing. And as the voice gets higher and higher, their note turns into a flame. The flame starts eating their heads slowly, like those candles lighting up the whole church in the night.
Everything now is becoming bigger and bigger, the sounds; your breath, the flame, the notes, the singing.
And then you realise that the flame is taking up the whole scenery of your eyes, your body, your world, your senses.

Everything is empty, there is only white light, just pure white like those walls in the hospital, but it is not cold, it is just very white.
There is no gravity, you do not feel your body. Then you feel the… There are something floating behind you.
You look behind.
On the place where the choir was. You look carefully, you just zoom in.
There you find several tongues, flying. They are just floating, peacefully.
Ah, I should not have looked. As soon as you realise that you had this thought in your head,
they drop down dead to the ground. On the stone floor of the church.

You walk closer to it, move closer to it and look at them on the ground.
They are moving, helplessly like those fishes on the boat.

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