John Bennett

Three Poems (2014)

Text reading 'caja', then underneath 'a box was born, and a rab bit leg in your pocket's rot, carrion fur and wind from the nostril. It's lint and, never ashed, blood, of the gnats a heaving cluster at the hinge's lid, lost warped and clouded, sh utting yet, so the thought might dry, like radish, or the lung rounding a corner' and underneath italic text reads 'aft, eft, ift, oft, uft, oift, ouft. McGuffy's New Second Eclectic Reader, ca 1857'
Text reading 're past poured ,and the roof salt swallowed ,aft the fridge er ,if fridge the coff in was ,your kitchen, the foaming b rine next the s lab of f ish blinks ,a sal ,mon a net of evening by the p late ,the forking t urned roward you the knife he sh if Ps ,for the m uttering c lay when the beaker b rims ,and your shirt was f illed with waves ...pourg in meat slu, an if g, bluent... - Olchar E. Lindsann'
Text reading 'cloud sardine cloud sardine ,or the balancing ,when spores like skulls ,the ghost’s spoon pondered ,roll in the damp closet ,where f lows from the cre vice scanner your compositional chimp anzee ,or shell’s ef fusion tropes are ,so aped behind the blazing ham ,if syllabic not ,sand wich Intoning the residue of Reed Altemus’ “pick up truck shell game”'

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