Julie Morrissy & Alisha Doody

“Certain Individual Women” (2021)

About this work

“Certain Individual Women” is a multi-platform poetry project that responds to inherent gender inequality in Irish law and society, which includes the experimental poetry film of the same title. Morrissy combines lyric sequence with documentary legal poems, drawing on her backgrounds in law, creative writing, and activism, as she interweaves poems about her life, the life of her grandmother, and poetic reconstructions of Irish legislation and Bunreacht na hÉireann (the Irish Constitution). Created by Morrissy with filmmaker Alisha Doody and animator Annick Counihan, the work was filmed at sites in Dublin, Ravensdale, and Toronto. Brought to life through performance, moving image, and animation,“Certain Individual Women” powerfully draws together family legacy, personal experience, and the law.

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