Luke Shaw

In the Moment Before Nothing Happens (2013)

The Vacillator lives a life of situational determination
The Vacillator sees as many as almost all outcomes or 
Imagines them, anyway
The Vacillator often finds he cannot answer questions posed
The Vacillator often fears questions he asks vex others
The Vacillator is for asking questions
The Vacillator is against asking questions
The Vacillator ceaselessly searches for answers and the answer in every
Wrong place
The Vacillator experiments for consequence and with
The Vacillator repudiates and or accepts
The Vacillator aims to be equable
The Vacillator believes in equilibrium
The Vacillator is buoyant
As granite
The Vacillator is flâneur and wanderer
The Vacillator strides with no aim
The Vacillator meanders hopefully
The Vacillator never reaches a plateau
The Vacillator enjoys the apparent significance of synchronicity
The Vacillator struggles with differences
The Vacillator sees the minutiae inherent
The Vacillator is awed by the grand
The Vacillator has no use for mirrors
The Vacillator finds little comfort in words
The Vacillator despises them but reads them all despite
The Vacillator is a friend or a friend of a friend
The Vacillator fears doom in his mood
The Vacillator points out his own character
The Vacillator is a doggedly unreconstructed being
The Vacillator has seventy-eight identities
The Vacillator sees the signs beyond signs
The Vacillator is avant-garde populist
The Vacillator is off and ongoing

Published in HOAX issue 1

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