Agonizing dread erupts,
futile. Miscreants press
preview, review, spectate
the twisted wreckage.

Dogs everywhere find
gold hidden in junk —
lovingly manicured muzzles
quietly resolving to uncoil
virgin wolves.

Ending inside, knees
knocking limberly —
manifested, our pleasures
quicken, relent. Shaking
sleep; throwing voices.

I insinuate into kindred
milieus — milling, miming,
minding my time …

Phantasmagoric psychics
quicken resurrections. Surge
toward undisclosed ventures,
vital yeses, zoopsia.

About this work

This series reflects a new poetic form developed by MA|DE called an ‘alphabetical’. More constrained than the abecedarian form, the alphabetical requires that each word in the poem be in alphabetical order.

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