Maru Rojas

Eternal Bindings (2015)

Professor Ramon. Expert in eternal bindings
Eternal binds. Attraction. Sweeten. Subdue. Domination.
“Magic rituals and spells to attract the loved one” I am the solution to
your love, financial and work problems! Ask for the prayer of
Professor Ramon to win at bingo and lottery, it is very effective and
many people are WINNING MONEY.
New talisman, super powerful and luck perfume, money and fortune.
$799 including shipping. I have the ritual to attract the opposite sex.
Allow happiness to arrive in your life, attract the love, the money,
the luck and the fortune.
Call now my consultation is free. Distance card reading know your
future. Free reading! Free reading! Mexico 01 (81) 1506-6517 USA
01152 Cel: 81-1075-6801

Published in HOAX issue 4

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