Romeo Roxman Gatt

I carry you like an Animal would do (2020)

That flickering corridor
Finding my way
To Room 404
Beige stained  carpets
Oak wooden Doors

Shower dripping
Too drunk not
Bothered to wash
Quilt cover faded
Keeps me shivering
Cold tears fall

Hands praying position
Between my shorts
Rocking to and fro
Like in a cot
Mother and child

Nowhere to go
Except for a  walk
Towards the feeling
Of being more alone

I can no longer walk
I crawl on all fours
Tears and snots
Sweat smelling of alcohol

I have been shot
Blood stains dripping
All the way down
To my crisp white
Nikey socks

I keep crawling
On all fours
Like a big baby
Longing to explore more
Thirsty for their mothers
Breast milk

Round the corner
I enter a shop
Leather seats, 90s beats
Smell of sex and lonely
Human-beings and grease

I sit on the stool
Order a double
And play a sad tune
There’s no one I fancy
I imagine you
Get off the stool

Dance as if I’m holding you
I smell your natural perfume
And feel you
We leave together
I carry you like an
Animal would do

We walk and walk
U dangle from my mouth
Now I run on all fours
Take you back with me
To the flickering corridor

Inside room 404
I see myself
Hands praying position
Rocking to and fro

Tears flow like a river
That was never thirsty
Since it was born

The room turns into
Swimming pool, my head
Feels like a whirl pool
I spin and spin and drool
I allow myself drowning
I can no longer see you
Written, produced, performed by Romeo Roxman Gatt
Cinematography by Masha Batsea

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