Sadia Pineda Hameed

Tiny Bubbles in the Wine (2019)

About this work

Tiny Bubbles in the Wine is an association-based text and collage film, exploring how trauma is told by travelling down a network of associations, semiotics and oral history. The film explores how a repetition of ‘signs’ can unlock the untold, made to mimic the visual style of videos of the artist’s mother’s hula and Filipino dance performances from the 70s. In this case, through intuitive links (between a story the artist’s mother told about bubbles in her drink, a song she used to hula to, and David Medalla’s Cloud Canyons) the artist’s mother’s untold experiences of migrating from the Philippines to the UK begin to emerge. Whilst this story is sweet, there is uneasiness in its telling. Like a bubble about to burst, or sea froth about to hit the shore, soon to follow will be the more difficult stories of loss, loneliness and disconnect from home.

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