Milda Lembertaitė, Amelia Prazak

You Jump, I Jump. Remember? (2015)

Milda: When I fall I get bruises; I am not like a stone.

Amelia: Speaking is like licking an ice cream, is like licking a blue ice cream. Like blue velvet, soft but velvety.

M: Are you my mask?

A: I am your face.

M: You are my voice.

A: You let go and I am gonna have to jump in there after you.

A: It’s a sexual fetishist story about crashes… Describing the beauty of marks you have.

M: Meeting of flesh and metal in bike crashes. Meeting of minds and body hairs of adults. Crashes!

A: My favourite flavour is chocolate and pistachio, never liked blue ice cream. But then it was like it felled from the sky. Blue. A blue crash on the pavement.

M: Is Blue moon flavour?

A: Is “Engelblau” flavour?

M: Is natural flavour?

A: Is chemical flavour?

M: When I fall I get bruises; I am not like a stone.

A: Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other.

M: Now we are too involved, you jump I jump. Remember?

A: Is this a love story?

M: Maybe and maybe it is the story of a possible blue moon falling from a possible blue sky. And when I dream there is always flying involved.

A: Promise me you won’t give up no matter what happens.

M: Is a superhero story then?

A: Maybe. Do you still need a bedtime story?

M: After all, I plan to retire with you. No need to speak, just wake me up with coffee.

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