Soren James

Never Force A Dichotomy, or Either You Like Dichotomies or You Don’t (2013)

Part 12, or Parted
Dichotomies fall into three categories: a, b, and c (a being the first, c being the last), with each dichotomy arranged into two parts (one white, and one black). All other distinctions are arbitrary, and the arbitrariness of these distinctions are entirely their own concern. This is due to one of two reasons . . . but I dichotomise.

Part 7, or Where Do These Parts Come From?
The content for this part is missing (this will be dealt with as soon as someone becomes available).

Part 4, or Why Things Are In Parts
Things are in parts. These parts are under subjugation to a whole. The whole’s subjugation of its parts is unflinching and absolute. Or it is generous and magnanimous in its supply of unity. Either way this is true/false.

Part 8 (of 4), or Today
In conclusion, she entreated me to “have a nice day”, emphasising the “a”; thereby suggesting that I have only one nice day. I thanked her for her sentiment, and subsequently chose my “nice day” carefully – electing a day that would neither be in the past or in the future, and thereby ekeing out a satisfying life in the here and now.

Part 8.4.2c, or Dichoto-maniac
People who create false dichotomies for a living disgust me, they should either be shot, or put in front of a bullet that has recently been released from a gun. Either that, or one of the above, or both at once. Anything to release me from the frustration of being trapped in the category of gratuitous and unjustifiable hatred.

Part 9’s, or Whose Part is This Anyway
Part of the problem of any problem is the problem itself. If one eliminates the problem, then the problem tends only to be problematic by virtue of being identified as a problem. Please note: If this has solved your problem then please be suspicious that the problem has re-manifested in the form of a different problem.

Part 18, or Descent and Other Descendants
In shorts, there are no dichotomies. Unless you happen to fall on the side of “male” in the gender dichotomy, whilst also falling into the category of owning the “male member” (please note: actual membership is optional). In this case, one is obliged to dress either to the left or to the right (centre, or “external” dressing are dependant upon local regulations).

“A” Part, or Hippo-Trichotomous
There is a lesser known “try-chotomy“. This try-chotomy is based on the tripartite grouping of: “The try-alls in life“; “The trials of life”; and “The just get on with something because questions only lead to false answers in life“.

Part 2, or Like All False Dichotomies, This Isn’t A Dichotomy
Once upon a time there was a dichotomy that was approximately false. Authorities could not accept this finding, and so they subjected it to dichotomisational analysis. The results were found to be vague and uncertain. So a team of specialists was brought in to analyse these findings – their conclusion stated that the results were “un-dichotomiseable“. A nebulous sense of ambiguity ensued, so the report was accordingly closed and the file lost.

Part, The End
In existence, either one or the other can’t be applied.

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