Chitra Gopalakrishnan

With this Love (2023)

About this work

“With this love who could I have been?” These words were said by a member of trans rights organisation The House of Resilience when Gopalakrishnan interviewed them in 2021, asking: “What message do you have for your 10-year-old self?” Affirming the importance of unwavering love and support for young people, these words have stayed with Gopalakrishnan ever since, particularly given her role as an educator and parent, observing how child development and society mutually impact each other. This digitally-created piece echoes Gopalakrishnan’s reaction to these words and the emotions within them.
The House of Resilience is a group providing support, employment and resources for trans folks of colour in San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico. The urgency and critical nature of their work inspires Gopalakrishnan to keep centring these voices within her work.

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