Kitty Doherty

Kiss me hot acid (2023)

Three columns of text reading: "Still: I see morning: take to bed: night is to day: already dead: red cherry chunks: of tepid heart: flap hooked through eyes: pulped fresh apart nose screeches impatience: brain sloshes out: bile slush puppy: turns sleeve: inside out we all go fizzing mad from time to time I am swallowing: your brain sex slime: birds kiss me hot acid: I spin needle sized: through plaster tongue teeth crack like spine: a ruptured song metabolised mess: in time now we are close to the heart of the thing cold and grey like a fat dead pigeon: I regard reality like snow in the sky. O: this great grotesque grin of mine: the snap of elastic wrings wrung: too tight: bodies learn to perform quite a bit of the light: tomorrow will be more real perhaps than tonight.

About this work

Created following a year of near-daily chronic headaches, Kiss me hot acid uses visceral and surrealist imagery to depict the difficulty of expressing pain.

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