Clare Price

April 11th and August 7th (2020)

April 11th

The doctor said to me you nearly landed up in a bucket maybe that’s why my brain is how it is and nye heartbeat lower than they heard in 13 years they showed me the placenta tree of life tripping on morphine his cut face indigo cloudy threats you look drip drippy drop how are you? alright skint he handed me £250 behind her back in the pub sue guinness fags why can he see what your own family can’t beaten up when he was 40 that’s what happened how’s your irish friend? are you gay? a bit hallo darlin’ baccy that fuckin cunt got her in a pub she is lucky magic eyes pale blue soul beauty it saved me that week I gave it you back the next a tin for your collection happy new year ping and a painting crossed palms floored by it i write these things and post pictures of us so one day when you see you will know who I was thistle bristle dove grey duck tail this is my village she adopted him from the bridget bardot foundation paper lanterns slit twirl he said because home wasn’t safe you just threw yourself at the universe still do going to prague i just sent a letter to say i was coming out all night ecstasy dancing kissing with s who I loved but didn’t love me got on the 24 hour bus ferry fell asleep on the eyeliner hippy boy service stations castles at 4am chevron 1994 american man acid sleeping i looked him up he’s dead now body kicked carp not in my body running from everything did orange juice stopped it or the other way round ?custard tail i forgot the ashes of the cat are under the smallest bit of the curve in the attic fine plastic mesh melds dangling dingle steels they all dance it spirals outwards fanlight gable you filmed us hopscotch starling wisteria wines social cubes alive skies binary blocks stack i will just drift away I wish you only love tartrazine yellow clouded butterfly the bump of the bridge ironwork piping hugged planters filled pitch it used to turn that sculpture these unknown levels of feeling timbre the loft is the mirror of where you live arc heat has your roof stopped leaking ? it hasn’t been raining am I one of your elderly friends ? yes take care seams back to the roots in a black folder wisteria wrist wines fondant sleep engulfs me

Photo of a small corner of a room, with a raised platform, white walls and a sloping ceiling. The space is filled with strings of metallic ribbon and beads going up to the ceiling. Underneath, on the platform, a white person in silver heels and a white three-piece skirt suit and tie kneels posed over various stones and lumps of ceramic.
Photo of a small corner of a room, with a raised platform, white walls and a sloping ceiling. The space is filled with strings of metallic ribbon and beads going up to the ceiling. Underneath, on the platform, are some silver heels and various stones and lumps of ceramic

August 7th

he is accidentally so queer, now we just occasionally argue dragonfly fat webs bind seed heads dust dusk a can of stella half a bottle of champagne a glass of wine and a spliff for breakfast and that was last week beautific ease one day there were snails and tears and flattened grasses traces of parties popped exploded paintings unexpected dark high slapped speechless colt ripped mouthed weed i wear the black tourmaline now a fluffed dark moorhen chick the cookie monster was called sid plastic squished peach foam rose encased in dotted gauze like an audrey hepburn hat bonnet held the copper and gold iridescent sacrement circles pleasure stains stoned tripped out signs i saw rhys again diamond studs gave me a hug still on the buses being a grown up is overrated the little lad kicking the ball for southwark caribbean how can he not like you he said some days i can’t carry it i saw photographs of her and as i was falling asleep the violence i felt fed off us i always protected her like when dogs pull the squeakers out of toys to mimic the innards of real flesh the glossed melted surfaces raged appropriately in the fire she hit me with that because she could and reeling i spanked it on beauty as a buttress don’t know how long I can stem the flow you came back untangled enough from the manipulation to say it’s not your fault devastating hope algorithm eucalyptus cormorant at the point i wrote that i could see future you landed that on me to try to pull me back they all miss you they should have thought of that before bright gravest senses benjamin said you’re not a disaster you’re a roman candle instant feels fuck the stillness between the in and the out breath and the bones of the reeds shuddered voice note vestige christened beauty did i find a crack in your method ? ribs locked by desire can’t breathe them waves of it pulse gripped slipped hipped downy nappy hair locked maybe your talisman guards me against you the gold circles shine today the kids are playing football where the rave was it’s very taz you came back and its so deep i can’t begin to write about it the dog with her paw on you so you wouldn’t go away he said because they did you harm a glimmer

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