Dogshit Disco (2022)

It’s the paedo in the bushes
trapped between the generations.
Exhale internment camp disorder at
the dogshit disco.
Scream bloody murder that foreign bastard
at the rainbow traffic lights.
Town planning wins
first place on ponzi scheme sports day,
what with him being a nepo baby and all.
The downward spiral of kleptomaniacs
in k-holes, snake charming OAPs
for minimum wage,
to keep this sacred nation’s grace
The unmarked grave of Dedan Kimathi,
the old girl’s still got the range,
driving a German whip,
gassing up the state of the palace,
Keep Buckingham lit.

About this work

Luker wrote this poem as part of a sequence trying to think through the banal and monstrous things that make England irreducibly so.

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